Running a remote pub quiz #COVID

Last Friday I ran a pub quiz with a load of friends and it was ace, so I wanted to write up the basics in case others found it useful. I’ve added loads of quiz content below as many people have asked me to share.

A brilliant mix of friends and family

What you need


I planned five rounds and this took about 90 minutes. Beforehand I setup a whatsapp group to ensure everyone was still up for it, and during the quiz I used this to share the emoji round (below). My wife and I hosted from our lounge and kept a running score of all groups.

We allowed a wee break midway through as it was a ‘bring a bottle’ type quiz :)

Round 1 — standard questions

I got a list of 15 general knowledge questions from this site and tweaked a few. I talked each through with the participants and asked them to write down their answers and then their scores.




Round 2 — guess the location.

I used Google Earth to capture ten famous landmarks and used screenshare to take the participants through each, again asking them to write their answers. On Google Earth you can turn off captions which is handy for screengrabs.

The Kremlin from above (note that I chopped out the mini globe bottom right)

Round 3 — emoji quiz

I used an emoji quiz that had done the rounds on Whatsapp the week before but thankfully hadn’t reached my participants yet. There’s a ton of similar visual/emoji puzzles online if you search, but I’ve included mine below:

Q1: ⚫ 💀 Q2: 🦶👄 Q3: ☕ 🐝 Q4: 🐷🦅 Q5: 🟨🥵 Q6: 💊 🎳 🅰 Q7: 🐓 🅿 🐃 Q8: 🇹🇭 🍜 🆔 🥵 Q9: 🦘 🔔 🅰

Round 4 — supermarket sweep

For this round I set ten challenges, asking participants to find an item from somewhere in their house. I mixed it up so they had to go all over, including food items, batteries, loo roll etc etc. Was a lot of fun and got everyone running about.

Round 5 — guess the song

I picked ten COVID related tracks (Ghosttown by the Specials etc) and played the first ten seconds of each track, asking them to write down their answers.

And that’s it — I’ve run three quizzes now and it’s been super fun.



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